US Sports Club Insurance


This year we have made some important changes to enhance our refund policy that you should be aware of. Also, we are requiring that every parent fill out a COIVD waiver. This form will need to be filled out by everyone as soon as possible. Follow this link to view the form - TBA

Our club now offers sports fee insurance through USSCI.
We all know that every year there at least one player on your team that can’t finish the season – mainly from injuries, but other reasons as well. Not to mention the players that are out for a limited time due to concussions, rolled ankle, etc. No one wants to pay for something that they are unable to use. To solve this, we are offering Sports Fee Insurance through USSCI. We have partnered with USSCI to get you covered for 30% less, coverage is only 6% of your combined club and team dues. We strongly encourage you to get this coverage to protect the financial commitment you are making for your athlete. This insurance will reimburse you, or pay owed club dues, for the time that your athlete can't play due to: 

What exactly does the insurance cover?
·         Season-ending injuries
·         Sickness
·         Mental illness
·         Death of athlete or parent
·         And more depending on your plan!

We strongly encourage you to visit to find out more about the benefits and to apply. *You only have until December 4th to get the insurance, and coverage begins after a 30 day waiting period.