Private Lessons

Dallas Starlings believes in offering our athletes every opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of volleyball. One such way is to participate in private lessons. “Privates” are a great way for individual attention to be given to your athlete to focus on a particular skill or aspect of volleyball.  If you prefer a more one-on-one environment or maybe a small group (2-3 kids), privates lessons with our experienced coaching staff is the best option for this. During a private lesson, the parents will be responsible for the PL court fee (generally $10-15) + the lesson fees. Our lessons generally run from $65 for one player; groups-$40-50 per player. For more information, see coaches info below:

Laurie Bruscato  214.641.8811
Alicia Campbell 214.335.6156
Connie Cortez 214.335.7640
Renee McKibbin  214.558.6147
Debby Ukadike 214.566.3459
Britney Fletcher 781.859.8245
Vallery Mitchelle 214.202.6560
Alexus Denman 214.604.5128
Sara Connell 214.797.0610
Jim Harris 469.693.1159
Jennifer Garcia  214.886.7668
Nina Baxter 217.691.4192
Whitney Nowlin 214.931.1511
Faron Bradley 972.363.6844
Brittany Miller 281.787.6576
Dani Brown 817.771.0268
Mickey Redding  817.690.3016