About Us

Dallas Starlings Volleyball Club is part of the largest volleyball club in the nation; Starlings Volleyball USA, was created in 1996 in San Diego, CA for young ladies in the inner cities to play club volleyball. The Dallas Starlings chapter was founded in 1998 by Laurie Bruscato to establish and develop a year-round club volleyball program that focuses on each athlete with the skills and knowledge to excel and reach their personal best by training their mind, and body to work as one in a caring, positive environment.  It is also our goal to instill self-confidence and teach good sportsmanship on and off the court.

Dallas Starlings offers training year-round for both indoor and beach volleyball players.  We are one of the few clubs that offer boys volleyball in the North Texas area.  Through hard work, discipline, and elite coaching, we are preparing North Texas student athletes to compete for the many scholarship opportunities that exist throughout the NCAA.
Dallas Starlings Volleyball has partnered with the Dallas Parks and Recreation and is currently operates out of 3 locations in the east Dallas area with growing opportunities in more locations. We have started volleyball to the north Dallas area and soon to be Duncanville area.

Our founder and director, Laurie Bruscato, place the needs of the players and coaches above their own in every aspect of the club on and off the court. This level of caring is only one of the many reasons why Dallas Starlings Volleyball Club is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after club experiences in the North Texas Region of USA Volleyball. We service all cities from Dallas, Forney, Crandall, Waxahachie, to the entire Dallas metroplex.

Dallas Starlings has 10 plus club teams representing girls and boys from across the metroplex. We employ over 23 coaches in our program year-round with opportunity for growth. We have helped and guided over 100 student athletes attain their dream of playing collegiate volleyball through our recruiting program. Those very athletes are now Dallas Starling coaches, college coaches and club directors. We have been successful at our very own Starlings National Tournament where we placed first and second in the 18’s division and this past year as 14’s Silver division with a 7-1 record.

Dallas Starlings Volleyball Club players, not only enjoy competitive opportunities, but even more so the feelings of being part of a team and family on and off the court. We may be individual players, coaches and teams within the club but when you look closely you will see we are one big family. Our coaching staff assist one another in tournaments, practices and positive role modeling.  Our players and teams support one another at tournaments. We always put the athlete first.  We truly believe in our kid-first program.  Our families appreciate this spirit of family because their sons and daughters are not only striving to improve and possible NCAA opportunities, they also want to have a positive memorable season to remember.  

See below our history…. We are truly blessed to work your kids.  We hope to change lives through volleyball.



It began with a single inner-city club in 1996. Today, Starlings is the nation's largest junior volleyball club with teams in more than 50 cities and Native American reservations throughout the U.S. Approximately 2,500 girls currently participate in the program. (Picture right: Starlings co-founder and Olympian Kim Oden speaks to players.)

Starlings is the brainchild of Byron Shewman, a former USA Men's Volleyball Team member, who sought to establish a volleyball/academic program that would largely serve girls from lower socioeconomic groups. Olympian Kim Oden joined Shewman, and they co-founded the first club in San Diego, California, in 1996.
Financial donations from Nike, USA Volleyball, Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, the Amateur Athletic Foundation, and generous individuals allowed Starlings to expand.

By July of 1998, 24 Starlings teams from across the country participated in the first annual Starlings National Championship in Dallas, Texas, as part of USA Volleyball’s Junior National Championship. The competition now draws more than 100 teams.

Just over two decades since it began, Starlings Volleyball, USA has brought club volleyball to more than 30,000 girls. Today, Starlings is the nation's largest junior volleyball club.


Starlings believes the sport of volleyball is ideal for the inner cities and rural areas of America — inexpensive, noncontact and inherently a social game requiring communication and cooperation. Girls playing volleyball in the United States outnumber boys 15-1. It is truly the “girl’s game” of America.


While junior club volleyball dues around the nation are often exclusionary, Starlings club dues are dramatically minimized and some girls are provided work opportunities in exchange for monthly dues. Additionally, Starlings clubs raise part of their budget through fundraising. The goal is that no girl is excluded due to financial hardship or level of play.


Each individual Starlings club is also encouraged to adopt a mentoring program. The aim is not just to provide an opportunity to play a sport, but to nurture personal growth and educational achievement. With that emphasis in mind, Starlings also hosts an annual Literary/Art Contest.

For more information about the Starlings Volleyball USA, see the national website: www.starlings.org.