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Dallas Starlings Youth Volleyball League Serves Up Fun!!!

Pass, Set, Hit….  

Dallas Starlings Youth Volleyball League is open to athletes from 3rd through 6th grades in Recreational. Teams and individuals are welcome! Complete details on the team divisions and options are listed below.

Fall, Winter, and Spring League Seasons

  • Each season is 10 weeks in duration with Friday night or Saturday morning games depending on the league you and your team register for.

  • Weekly practice, 1 game t-shirt, 8-10 matches and 1 tournament for 5th/6th grade.

  • Recreational teams are grouped by grade – Friend requests are accepted.

  • All teams are formed based on friend requests, school attending or area of town, where possible.

  • Unassigned athletes (athletes without an existing team) are added to existing teams with openings or newly formed teams

Types of Coaches Available for League Teams

Dallas Starlings Professional Coach Team

  • Staff coach trained to conduct proper application of all volleyball skills using Dallas Starlings’s consistent training methodology based on Gold Medal Squared (followed by the USA National Team), middle school/high school coaches, current/past collegiate players. 

  • All staff coaches utilize consistent terminology and skill application throughout all Dallas Starlings Youth Volleyball programs.

  • Higher probability of team placement as Dallas Starlings controls the number of teams and placement of athletes

  • All Dallas Starlings Coach Teams have a primary professional coach for practices and games.

    • Due to overlaps or conflicts in schedules, a substitute professional coach may fill in from time to time.  Our goal is one assigned coach to one team for the season.

Existing Team with their own Practice Facility

  • An option is available for an existing team that practices in a location they have secured. The cost of the practice facility is removed from the fee and is paid as a team fee rather than an individual player fee. All other fees are included in the team fee by the volunteer coach who registers the team. 

Recreational Teams Divisions Available

2nd-8th Grades

Registration Assistance

  • Athletes must play in their current grade or may play up one grade.

  • Minimum of 10 players and maximum of 12 players per team for all seasons.

  • Fall Game shirts provided for the current fall/spring seasons and must be worn for all games

  • Late Registration – Additional fee of $20 is added for late registration.

  • Late Registration will be accepted only if there are openings on teams.

  • Practices are selected by the team coach and may be held Monday-Thursday at a local East Dallas recreation Center. 

  • Depending on the League, games may be played on Friday night or Saturday throughout the season.

  • No jewelry allowed on the courts at any time. Knee pads are required for all practices and games.

  • Practices:  Local Recreation Center Facilities and Middle School gyms.              

  • Cancellation Policy: See Terms & Conditions for complete details. Cancellations must be submitted by email to [email protected] or [email protected] prior to the close of regular registration. A $25 administrative fee is non-refundable.

>>>>>    NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS after the season begins

Contact us:  email:  [email protected]  or  [email protected]


Thank you,
Laurie & Dani and the entire recreational staff