Beach Benefits

Playing sand volleyball is very beneficial to you as an indoor player.  We want to encourage you to try it out this summer as a way to prepare for the upcoming school and club seasons, and also as a fun change of pace!

Sand volleyball can really help you improve your indoor game.  Since there are only two players per side, you are guaranteed more touches than on the indoor court.  Sand is also the perfect opportunity to improve your skills in other positions.  For example, if you’re a hitter, you’ll be forced to improve your setting skills, since your partner will receive the ball at least half the time. If you come across as a weak setter, you may even be forced into that position by the other team more often, giving you more practice. Improving your weaker skills will always come in handy back on the indoor court.  Playing all over the court also will give you a better overall understanding of the game and the many strategies.

Sand also helps you improve your agility and movement. Not only will you have to move around more to cover the court with only two players, but sand is also much harder to maneuver in.  This transfers to speed and sharp movements back on the indoor court.  Moving quickly also means thinking quickly, and many times playing the ball you weren’t quite prepared for. This will help improve your reaction time back on the indoor court.

While you may end up diving more to cover your side of the court, the sand is much more forgiving to land on, saving you from some of the bumps and bruises of indoor volleyball.  The soft sand is also easier on your joints, giving your knees a break from landing on the hard indoor court.  While the sand is easier on your joints, it definitely provides more of a workout for your muscles.  Diving, getting back up quickly, and the jumping required (since you’ll be hitting more) all provide you with a great cardio workout which is guaranteed to improve your endurance.

On top of all these great benefits, being outside with your friends in the summertime is just fun!

We hope you will join us at the Beach at City Futsal in downtown Dallas!

There are so many benefits to playing beach that translate to indoor:

  • Beach volleyball forces players to improve all of their skills (passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking)
  • The beach season is a great time to improve indoor weaknesses
  • Reps, reps, reps... Beach players get a large number of reps to improve their game.
  • Beach volleyball is a game of communication and indoor players will improve this facet of their game 
  • The digging range improves when playing on the beach over indoors because of the amount of court the defender needs to cover 
  • Playing beach helps the player's ability to read the game better
  • Beach requires great ball control and that skill improves 
  • Playing in the sand improves players quickness and makes them more agile 
  • Beach volleyball increases players vertical jumping ability and also strengthens joints. 
  • Players touch the ball at least one time on nearly every rally 

When players transition from indoor to beach there are several important considerations:

  • It can take several weeks to transition from the indoor game to beach and getting proper skills training is important to minimize that time
  • Beach players have to jump up rather than through the ball, as in indoor, and understanding that and other nuances is critical to playing competitively 
  • Indoor requires more power to score because of several factors, improving and developing shots and seeing the court is critical in beach

Why Sand?

Reason #1

  • It is fun!

Reason #2

Reason #3

  • Physical Fitness - The Sand really works your muscles. You will be jumping out of the gym after Training with Starlings on your Beach game!

Reason #4

  • Beach volleyball for junior girls is exploding in popularity due to its popularity in the Olympics and due to the new scholarships being offered at top universities across the US. In its third year as an NCAA emerging sport, it will have 40 schools participating in 2015 and will become an official NCAA sport in 2016. In 2020, the number of schools participating could be beyond 100. Go to to get the complete list of colleges currently competing.

Reason #5

  • Beach is an amazing cross-training tool for developing strength, speed, agility, and stamina. Beach training can improve athlete's hitting, defense, communication, strategy and court awareness. DSJ Beach Program will be offering our beach program for the third year. DSJB will be a fun and competitive training program that is open to all players. You do not have to be a Dallas Starlings club member to join. Why DSJ Beach? Train with DSJ beach volleyball coaches that focus on all aspects of the game, increase vertical, learn to anticipate, learn responsibility, learn independence, learn to work with others, learn to deal with the elements (wind, heat, sun in your eyes), get FIT, get STRONGER, the skills learned in beach will transfer back to indoor to make you a better indoor player and most of all – It is FUN!

Beach Program Director: Laurie Bruscato (214-641-8811)