Tryout Clinics

*No parents are allowed in the facility during tryouts.  Kids statistically perform better and are more relaxed when no one is staring at them.  

DAYS Monday-Thursday Monday-Thursday
DATES  July 11th-14th July 11th-14th
AGE/ TIME 12s, 13s > 5:45-7:45 14s, 15s > 5:45-7:45pm
LOCATION Samuell Grand Recreation Cener  Samuell Grand Recreation Center

$30 Tryout Fee

  • Good for all days: Monday-Thursday
  • Paid to Samuell Grand Recreation Center

$30 Tryout Fee

  • Good for all days: Monday-Thursday
  • Paid to Samuell Grand Recreation Center

1st Step: Verbal Offer
Plan on Accepting a Verbal Offer

Dear Parents,
Thank you for accepting the verbal offer for our team. Our practice schedule will be finalized by early August. We will have 1-2 practices per week beginning the first week of November, no practices during Thanksgiving. December begins practices two times per week and no practices during Christmas break. The tournament schedule will be released in September/October and we will post the schedule on the team page on our website. We will be in touch shortly after tryouts are completed.

IMPORTANT for offer and acceptance day July 17th. You must make sure and do the following ASAP. 

  1. If you are new to club volleyball OR to our region you must "Add New Player" in the OSC system required by our region. Here is the link:
  2. If you are NOT new to club volleyball or our region you must "Verify e-mail" this is the e-mail that you will receive your offer, it also needs to be the e-mail you registered your daughter for tryouts.

Here is the link to do those important steps.

Also we are asking parents to set up your deposit and online payments by the day after you receive your OFFICIAL offer. Either Sunday, August 16th  or Sunday, August 17th for your age groups. 

In the event you don't receive the e-mail offer on your dates listed above. Please don't freak out, you either gave us the wrong e-mail for us to send you the offer or we typed the e-mail into the offer system incorrectly.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask Laurie at or text her at 214.641.8811 or or 214.797.0610 .

To Accept Playing for Dallas Starlings Volleyball Club 2022-2023 Season

Player/Club Agreement and Acceptance Form