Coronavirus Statement and Status of Programs

Date Posted: 3/13/2020

Dear Parents, 

This is very uncharted waters for all involved.  I wanted to personally reach out to you and let you know the guidelines we will be following at Dallas Starlings Volleyball Club. 

What will be happening at Dallas Starlings during this time:
As of March 12th, team practices will remain on the schedule as a voluntary basis. We will re-evaluate this decision this Sunday, March 15th. I do realize we have teams attending the Red River Classic and other tournaments that are still scheduled and they want to practice this coming week. 

Below are the guidelines that will need to be followed upon arriving at the gym: 
1. If you do not feel safe to attend practices or programs, you may stay home at no penalty.
2. If you have any symptoms or do not feel well, DO NOT COME!
3. We want to keep the number of people in the gym to a minimal.  We encourage parents to stay out of the facility by dropping off their child during team practices.
4. Players need to immediately go to the restroom and wash your hands for 20 seconds before and after practice.
5. No hand slapping with teammates or coaches at practices
6. Coaches will spray the volleyballs with Lysol after every practice.
7. No team/group meetings in our small team meeting room.
8. Cancelled Club Prep and First Touch for Friday, March 13th
9. As of now, our rec facilities are open for Lessons.

We will continue to monitor the situation daily and could make changes over the next weeks/months. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unknown journey. We will be working through all sorts of details over the next few weeks. We will not have time to respond to emails and questions concerning what is happening, so please just know we will be working on everything and will communicate with you all as soon as we have the information.

Thank you,

Dallas Starlings Staff

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