Frequently Asked Questions

Do players have to be part of Starlings Volleyball to participate?
The Starlings Beach Program is not restricted to Starlings Players, anyone is able to join! If you are part of another club or have friends from different organizations interested in joining, spread the word!

Do parents have to stay the whole practice?
Parents are not required to stay the whole practice.

What is your bad weather policy?
If sand facility is open, we are in the sand! In the event GHCC notifies us of closure, we will provide a make-up day in July. If there is a question about the weather, please check back to our website and Facebook page for daily updates.

What can I bring to the beach facility?
Players are encouraged to bring a towel, sunblock, and sunglasses to every practice/tournament. Players are allowed to bring lawn or folding lawn chairs, although plenty of seating is offered outside or in the air-conditioned cabana where food and drinks are available. Food is not allowed in the facility and only water in clear sports bottles is allowed.

Do I need my own ball?
No, Starlings Volleyball Club will provide balls to use during practice and training.

What are tournament options?

The Beach at Craig Ranch will be hosting weekday tournaments as follows:

  • Monday – 2×2, Wednesday 4×4 and Friday – 2×2.
  • Game On host Saturday tournaments 2x2
  • Ace Volleyball Beach: Friday Night Beach Bash
  • P1 Beach: Friday Night Tournaments
  • 692 Friday Night Tournaments
  • Ft. Worth Fire Beach Bash: Saturday Nights
  • USAV Junior Beach tournaments here:

Check out our tournament package options for more information! With purchase of a package, Starlings will ensure you are registered appropriately for tournaments. You can learn more about upcoming USAV Junior Beach tournaments here:

There are several other tournament options in the area. For more information, reach out to [email protected] or 214-641-8811.

Do I need a partner?
For summer sand training, a partner is not required. However, if you plan to participate in tournaments, we highly encourage players to register with a partner so they can train and play with that person during practice. We will do our best to match players that come in as an individual to a partner based on their skill level and what events they can play in for those that have a desire to play tournaments in the summer. You do not need a partner to be a part of Starlings Beach Volleyball and you do not need a partner for practices. At Starlings Beach Volleyball we will do our best to match you with a partner for tournaments. However, it is your choice and your responsibility to find a partner for yourself.

Are sand lessons available for individuals or teams?
Sand lessons are available for individuals and teams. Please reach out at [email protected] or 214-641-8811.